The day my eyes never forget..

Flowers@ Victoria flower garden -Nuwaraeliya When I was gone to the Victoria flower garden, Nuweraeliya, Srilanka on last vacation is the day my eyes never forget.  Everywhere was flowers and I had no idea to which one I am going to shoot. After an hour of confusion I realized that the light was going dull on that evening and I randomly shot some flowers. I preferred to take macro with every flower but sadly some of them had gone out of focus. Any way I am happy with some flowers I have covered and sharing here for you!

Flowers@ Victoria flower garden -Nuvereliya

Flower@ Victoria flower garden -Nuvereliya

Flowers@ Victoria flower garden -Nuvereliya


6 thoughts on “The day my eyes never forget..

  1. Oh yes, I like these bright flowers, and the framing and positioning are good throughout the series – I think number 6 – working down from the top – is my favourite >>> the large flowers are on the left of the picture and my eye moves right to the smaller, out of focus ones further back – and this shot is certainly helped by the slanting horizon. Cropping about 20% off the bottom of this picture might make it even better, because the bottom zone of the picture holds little of interest. Good work! Adrian

    • Thank u again adrian !
      i felt something different with that particular photo u have mention but i couldn’t realize ..! ya.. it will be far better if i crop the bottom !!
      i will update the crop later

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