NuwaraEliya – Mountains

I took these photos when I had gone to Nuwaraeliya on last vacation. This is the most beautiful town in the central province of Srilanka, situated on an altitude of 1,868 m. The journey I had was the ever beautiful in my life. The views through the bus window were amazing. I snap several shots through the bus window but especially I like this one above.
On the way to Nuwaraeliya - Through the bus window Seetha Eliya -                                      Sleeping Hanuman..?This picture was taken at Seetha Eliya, The mountain in front of seetha amman temple. The top of the mountain appeared as a man sleeping in lateral position.  

Whenever i see a mountain i used to think as can I go over there? yes i took this photo from the top of the rampoda hill. Look at the clouds seems to be very close to me.


4 thoughts on “NuwaraEliya – Mountains

  1. Beautiful country! The top photo should be destroyed by the wires going through it, but in fact I think they enhance the photo, giving it more content – and the small patch of tree canopy top right helps to fill an otherwise empty space – try putting your finger over it, to see how empty this part of the picture now looks. Good pictures! Adrian

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