Tanjore – Bragatheeswarar Temple

I had visited to Tamilnadu a state of India to see my friends who left this country 2yrs back and I met them after 6 yrs.  That was a short trip of nine days, and bit of emotional too. but I was able to full fill my dream of visiting this Tanjore – Bragatheeswarar Temple. The temple was built by well-known Chola emperor RajaRaja cholan in 1000 yrs ago. It was constructed completely by granite stones according to wiki this is the world first complete granite temple. the temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Great Living Chola Temples”.

Through the main door

Through the main door

Tanjore - Bragatheeswarar Temple

Tanjore - Bragatheeswarar Temple

Tanjore - Bragatheeswarar Temple


Shadow of the Main gate tower



1000 yr Old painting

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About balavasakan

Photography is my hobby, passion,even my life ! I am a person who is mad of snapping whatever things impress my eyes. Just trying to filling my life in this blog. Professionally a busy Doctor.
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One Response to Tanjore – Bragatheeswarar Temple

  1. Adrian Lewis says:

    Good photography – I especially like numbers 4 and 5 from the top. Number 4 has a misty look that goes well with tghe subject, and how about turning number 5 upside down? Good stuff! Adrian

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