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Mmm.. Finally i got the right mood to post my images in bubbly. While being a busy man, i never have withheld from my 600D and was always snapping something whenever i had a little bit of time. I was able to update my skills little bit specially in post processing by going through some websites and YouTube tutes, but still i am not perfect. specially very weak in Photoshop.

I have boost my range of clicks by purchasing a canon telephoto zoom lens EFS 50-250 But didn’t have enough opportunities take my camera out,  As i am stuck at my working place and that doesn’t allow me to travel a lot.

But with the help of the 250mm i was able to snap these tiny things, those are very rare visitors around my boarding place.

Dragon Fly getting sun bath.??

This dragon-fly was in this position for a long time in a very hot sunny day. don’t know the reason.. why ? may be sleeping ? getting sun bath? I was able to shot  various angles as it wasnt seemed  to be disturb by me and this is the better one I think.

Black headed munia-Awaiting for the partner?[/caption]

This Bird is called Black headed Munia. A funny bird a rare visitor. On that day 3 of them were playing in the bushes situated just outside my rear door. Their sounds got my attention, i ran with my camera and aimed at the One very close to me. I saw that bird via my view finder with in the full frame, I was ready to click…. But so sad it was.. before i correct  the exposure setting, the bird was flown away. Later, I found the bird again in a nice position  but little far away. This time i didn’t miss it. Honestly this is a crop.

These photos are not perfect by any means but I was pretty happy with these experiments with my new canon 50-250mm telephoto lens. There are more bird photos to follow in coming days.

Thank you




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