Bird Hunting – Five little Egrets

The last weekend of august i got a rare three days off from the work therefore  a chance to go to my home (Jaffna) after a 3 months of continuous work.  There, my first aim was refresh my taste buds with the  mom’s freshly cooked plates and I already had other plans for my 600D that was the bird Hunting.

I Know few  places where we can see various kinds of birds usually in the rainy season. Even though August is a very sunny and a hot season in jaffna with less water in those Ponds, I went to one of those ponds to snap some birds.

That pond called As “pullukulam” situated  behind the university hostel i stayed during my college days. during those days every morning and evening i used to watch them playing and  bathing in the water, so i went there in the evening 3pm. Sad thing is the pond is almost empty and little amount of water remaining  in it.

I was searching for a  dynamic bird shot but The birds were resting in the pond, not with the same mood i have seen them in the past. they  remained static and bit boring.

Suddenly my eyes had struck at this group of little egrets, bcoz of  their position and the  nice reflection appeared in the water. I love the arrangement of these five egrets and I made the image bit interesting by tuning the white balance a bit.

Five Birds

I found another cutie but unfortunately not with in the good range of 250mm. i couldn’t get closer  to have a good detail of this bird.


Thats all, I was able to post only three images i took in that pond, my first adventure of bird photography with canon 600d + 250mm. This time the season was not suitable to catch some beautiful birds. Awaiting for the rainy season.

Lack of meals

Thank You





8 thoughts on “Bird Hunting – Five little Egrets

  1. Balavasakan – these are good pictures – and in particular the middle which I think a real classic, a piece of real beauty – you should try this in black and white too! I’m going to reblog this post because that middle picture is so good. Adrian

  2. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    Here is a post from Balavasakan that contains a real gem. – and this is the shot of the 5 egrets in the pond. I am awestruck by the pure, simple beauty here. First, there are reflections to die for. Next, the arrangement of the birds is good, with the larger egret’s tall neck reaching up into the clear water near the top of the frame, while the egret on the right cuts into the shadowy reflections, uniting them with the portrayals of the birds. And then these shadowy refelections, which provide balance to the composition, filling negative space top left and right. And finally the wonderfully blue of the water – I don’t know if this is an accurate colour rendition, but really it doesn’t matter either way – this image is a piece of simple, Minimalist beauty and I congratulate Balavasakan for making it. There is a good case for producing a mono version too, but that blue brings a lot to the picture. Excellent stuff! FATman

    • Thank you Adrian For reblogging my picture . you words encouraging. I got that the beautiful blue of the water by adjusting the white balance and saturation a bit. once again thanks a lot.

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