Bird Hunting-landing and taking off

Shooting the birds while they are flying is a very thrilling experience. I captured these two birds in the pannai sea-shore about 1km from my home in the Jaffna city. I went there in the morning, there were plenty of egrets searching fish and flying here and there.. The egrets look small when they are standing in the water but I was amazed while seeing those big wings through the view finders while they are on action. Watching them very closely through the view finder is exciting. It was very difficult to get them in focus. Even though several shots of those busy egrets had gone blurred, this particular shot of the big egret I captured while it was landing in the water, actually look like dancing in the water is bit better. I love those big wings and long legs.

I left those egrets as they were busy with their breakfast; I noticed this beautiful crane with black wings and small pom-pom on the head while it is calmly standing in the water. Straightaway I focused that and was waiting for the moment for the crane to take off from the water. That didn’t happen as soon as I thought it would. My hands started to feel the pressure as I was holding the camera in focus for a long time. Finally the moment came, it was started to walk and decided to take off. I didn’t wait further, only one click when it just left the water. That’s it, I packed my camera and left the area. That was the final shot of the scene.


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