Welcoming flowers

It might be too small or too big the only thing never ever fail to impress my eyes are the flowers. I love those tiny flowers very much and the gorgeous details in their body always asking my eyes to do a research. One great example is this purple flower tree is in front of my boarding place, every morning while I go to the work I was welcomed by this bunch of purple flowers. On a Sunday after a heavy shower in the previous night; these flowers decorated by the water drops were amazing and prompt me to take the camera out. Fortunately I had less work on that day and had enough time to spend with the flowers. tree was almost filled with flowers and i was looking for the nicely placed water drop. This is it! a lovely water drop at the end of the inflorescence.

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About balavasakan

Photography is my hobby, passion,even my life ! I am a person who is mad of snapping whatever things impress my eyes. Just trying to filling my life in this blog. Professionally a busy Doctor.
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One Response to Welcoming flowers

  1. Nandini says:

    Very, very beautiful photo. Loved it. :)

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