Sea Side scenes






A visit to a Village

First time in my life I went to Mandaitivu A rural village situated in one of the islands of Srilanka. After losing the liveliness to the civil war which lasted for more than two decades, the village is currently under resettlement. Only Peoples who don’t have any other places to live in the country and who couldn’t escape the country have come again to their native place with some hopes to rebuild the village.

I had some of my relatives here and they left the island long ago because of the war [around early 90s] and they never returned here. Until now I never had a chance to visit here as the most of the island was under the control of security forces and normal civilians were not allowed to visit the island. Few weeks back when I was in the home for a holiday, I decide to go there as it is just 30 minutes ride from my home.

When I was going there, road was almost empty and only few vehicle passed me on my way. After entering to the village what I saw there at first was a surprising scene. Yes! Peoples may not have been on the street but they were on the fields. They have already started ploughing the fields even after a small shower of 2 days. Here the peoples are known for working hard and they are physically very strong. That’s why violence was very cheap here and peoples from other area had fear of these Mandaitivu people. There are lots of famous stories I have heard from my mom, about the violent activities of these people. Time has changed now! The people of the Mandaitivu village are showing me their mental fitness too.

Went up to the village’s fishing port. That was still under the control of navy. I had a few chat with them and get the permission to take some pictures. On that time fishermen had returned after fishing and they were processing the fishes and getting ready to transport the fishes to the nearest market.

On the way back i saw this bird may be a kind of egret, a quick snap while it was started to fly.

Fishing Port

This is another photo; I took in a fishing port called as Nawanthurai which is situated in the coastal area of the Jaffna peninsula. On that day I went along the sea-side of the city in my bike . That was a hot evening, there were no clouds to calm the sun and the hot salty wind was blazing in my face. Not a good time to wandering out there. I went until 3km along the sea-side and I saw only few people passing me. Except me there was no one in that area without any purpose.

Finally I stop my bike when I saw these rows of fishing boats at the dock. I knew that, there were few negative things at the scene. Any way I just took some shots to see the outcome. The fishing boats are looking good, but what I feel is the emptiness in the image, because of the flat sky and there are no fisher men in the nearest boats to bring little bit of interest to the image.Whenever I shot a landscape something is missing in it :p It will be better next time.