Water drops – A hunt for the header

Bubbles on the rope

Now less than a week since i have started to post my images on this blog. I love this template coz of this showcase page and customize header, it shows the featured image of the post as the header of the particular post. But in home pages and other pages without any featured image it will show the own header images. i was very upset with the template’s own header images that was distracting my blog and not suitable for the title “Bubbly”.

Then I had decided to put a new header image and googled as bubbly. Later i realize why don’t u put Ur  own image in the header of Ur photo blog rather than using someone images without any rights. Luckily we r having heavy rain here and i knew it won’t be a difficult job to find some bubbles outside. When I step out of my home those bubbles on the ropes were shining on the morning sun. I took a close up and it was very difficult to get them in focus with my Nikon coolpix L22 however I manage to capture a decent macro and also took some photos of  other bubbles. Honestly most of the close up i have posted here are “crops”

Now I’m very happy with my header image. this is very suitable for the title as well as the back ground color and not distracting the viewers from the images on the posts.


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